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Teams from abroad all participate in the Super series.

Rules of game approved by the International Volleyball Federation, the competition rules of the Finnish Volleyball Association and the special series orders for the Power Cup are compiled with at the tournament.

All age groups follow the rules of the international volleyball federation FIVB. There are a few alterations in the age groups D, E and F. Age group N22 plays best of three sets.


4 vs. 4 formation is used
the service rule is the same as in the winter series in Finland (2 services in a row)


3 vs. 3 formation is used 
the service rule is the same as in the winter series in FInland (2 services in a row)


2 vs. 2 formation

We recommend to read the handbook before the tournament starts. It contains useful information about the rules and regulations in the different age groups as well as a map of the courts and other useful tips about the tournament.

The competition handbook for Power Cup 2018 will be released in spring 2018.

Power Cupia rakentavat kanssamme 2018


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