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Accommodation schools are primarily divided to the teams from the same club. Because of arrangement issues the clubs who come at Wednesday are centred to the same schools.

Everyone who stay at school accommodation must have their own mattress, sleeping bag and bedclothing.

Please notice that one person's mattress can not be wider than 80 cm. If the mattress is wider than 80cm there must sleep two persons for safety reasons. The school capacity is measured by 80 cm because of fire and safety regulations. Exit route can not be blocked by overwide mattresses.

Distances between accommodation schools to Santasport Competition Centre and Lapin Kansa's play courts.

At Wednesday the schools open at 6:00 p.m. On Thursday the schools open at 8:00 a.m.

Changes are possible!

Acc. school Address Santasport (Comp.centre) Lapin Kansa (Play courts)
Hirvaan koulu Kemintie 1504, 97130 Hirvas 17.3km 18min. by car 13.9km 16min. by car
Korkalovaaran koulu Miehentie 12, 96100 Rovaniemi 4km, 9min. 4.1km,10min.
Lyseonpuiston lukio Ruokasenkatu 18. 96200 Rovaniemi 2.6km, 7min. 2.3km, 7min.
Muusolan peruskoulu Koulukaari 2-4, 97140 Muurola 27km, 26min. 23.7km, 24min.
Nivavaaran koulu Asematie 3, 96900 Saarenkylä 6,6km, 10min. 8.3km, 13min.
Napapiirin yläasteen koulu Asematie 3, 96900 Saarenkylä 6.6km, 10min. 8.3km, 13min.
Ounasjoen peruskoulu Koulurinteentie 13, 97220 Sinettä 22.1km, 22min. 22.7km, 23min.
Ounasrinteen koulu Matkajängäntie 5, 96499 Rovaniemi 2.4km, 3min. 4.9km, 10min.
Ounasvaaran lukio Porokatu 35, 96400 Rovaniemi 1.2km, 2min. 3.2km, 8min.
Rantavitikan peruskoulu Yliopistonkatu 6, 96300 Rovaniemi 2.9km, 6min. 0km, 1min.
Rautiosaaren koulu Huhtavainiontie 4, 97110 Rautiosaari 17.6km, 17min. 14.8km, 18min.
Saaren koulu Uutelankuja 1, 96900 Saarenkylä 4.8km, 7min. 6.6km, 10min.
Syväsenvaaran koulu Aapatie 2, 96910 5.2km, 16min. 7km, 10min.
Taipaleen koulu Taipaleentie 65, 97670 Kivitaipale 22.5km, 19min. 24.2km, 24min.
Vaaranlammen koulu Kairatie 75, 96190 Rovaniemi 4.2km, 8min. 4.9km, 10min.
Viirinkankaan koulu Väinämöisentie 62, 96300 Rovaniemi 4.8km, 10min. 1.9km, 4min.
Ylikylän koulu Ylikyläntie 23, 96800 Rovaniemi 5.6km 8min. 6.1km, 10min.


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Main cooperation partners

LähiTapiola Rovaniemi Lapin Kansa Santasport

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