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Rules of accommodation

To increase safety and comfort it is important to follow these rules and instructions. Every participant must follow these rules and club leaders as well as other adult team members must ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the rules and is committed to obey them.

  • at least one adult is accommodated in each classroom and acts as the room manager responsible for the incidents in the classroom.
  • access to schools only with a tournament pass. Persons with a visitor’s pass are not allowed to enter the accommodation facilities
  • entrance only through the designated doors.
  • doors to the accommodation classrooms must not be locked.
  • to guarantee fire safety, the walking lanes must not be blocked
  • silence is 11pm - 6 am. The school doors are locked at those hours.
  • all objects and items that are the school’s property must be left untouched.
  • practicing and playing with the ball indoors, making noise and littering are prohibited
  • for safety reasons, coffee makers, kettles, extra radiators and TV sets are not allowed in rooms
  • smoking is prohibited in the school area as well as in the whole tournament area.
  • possession of and drinking of alcohol or intoxicants in the school area and in the whole tournament area is prohibited. The organizer of the tournament has the right to remove the entire club from the tournament immediately if these rules are violated.
  • the organizer is not accountable for items or valuables left in the accommodation rooms
  • to guarantee safety, the accommodation personnel’s instructions must be obeyed.

The club leader’s tasks at the reception:

  • the club leader checks in at the info desk of the school.
  • hands out two copies of the compiled accommodation lists (including players, coaches etc.; including information on other people needing accommodation or claiming passes, e.g. bus drivers).
  • takes and signs off the tournament passes and Power Cup T-shirts.
  • checks the accommodation rooms and signs the accommodation agreement
  • helps his/her club in checking into the given rooms and make sure that there is a list of names on every classroom door.
  • takes part in the accommodation briefing at the school in question
  • before leaving the accommodation, teams must clean their accommodation rooms (litter, sand, splashes of beverages)
  • the accommodation inspector checks the rooms together with the club leader.The inspector gives the team permission to leave. If the accommodation space is not cleaned or vandalism or other damage has been done to the rooms, the costs will be invoiced from the club in question

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