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The tournament pass includes meals from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch. Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack. Lunch and dinner are served at the canteen by the competition venue. Breakfast and evening snack are served at the accommodation school.

Over 100,000 meals within four days is a tough job for the voluntary workers and the personnel in the meal service. Thorough and comprehensive plans and a well-compiled menu guarantee nutritious and tasty experiences to everyone in Power Cup.

Due to the high number of diners, there may be queues in the meal service at the busiest times.

The menu and instructions on special diets will be added at the beginning of 2019.

Special diets

Lunch and dinner are always prepared lactose-free and we avoid using ingredients that are most commonly known to cause food allergies like fish, shellfish and fresh fruits. Lactose-free milk is available for those requiring it.

Those who require a lactose-free diet will get their meal at the normal food section. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian meals will be handed out at the special diet food section. For those having multiple food allergies meals will be prepared individually according to their special needs. The dish will be packed separately and labeled.

Special diets must be ordered in advance. In order to reserve enough food for breakfast and evening snacks, we will also need to know if you require a lactose-free diet. The orders must be submitted through the registration system by the dead line.

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