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Registration for Power Cup 2019 is closed. 
You can still add or modify your order for tournament shirts until 24.5.

Make sure you have the following information at hand when starting your registration:

Club code:
- you will receive your club’s identification code by registering your team to the Power Cup tournament through the link above. If you already have your club’s identification code, you can log in to the registration system immediately.

Age group:
- teams from abroad all participate in the super series. Please check the respective age group for your team.

Number of tournament passes:
- every team member including coaches, team managers etc. needs to buy a tournament pass which is your accreditation card and gives you access to the tournament as well as to your accommodation school. If you arrive by bus and your bus driver is staying for the duration of the whole tournament, you can aquire a free tournament pass for him/her. Please note, that with a free tournament pass you are not allowed to act as a coach or player on your team.

Extra night:
- if your team arrives to the venue already on Wednesday and wishes to accommodate at the accommodation school you need to pay an extra fee for the additional night.

Names and date of birth:
- in the registration system you need to state the name and date of birth for every player. For other team members only the name is required.

Special diet:
- please make sure to submit all information on any possible food allergies or special diet requests of your team members through the system to ensure that the required special meal is available.

- the accommodation at the accommodation school will be booked for you automatically after you have registered to the tournament and paid the participation fees

Tournament shirt:
- the size chart on our webpage will help you find the right shirt sizes for your team members

You may modify your order until the last day of registration (1.5.2019). After that the registration for participating in the Power Cup tournament is binding and the full fee is due for payment.

Any possible changes to the team composition list after 1.5.2019 must be approved by the competition director by sending a request to

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