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Junior referees

In the Power Cup tournament players will also act as referees in their own age group. The team’s referee shifts are marked in the match program and team coach will appoint two players per shift as referee/scorer for the match in question. It is highly recommended that an adult of the team is permanently present during the referee shift to give support to the yet unexperienced referees/scorers if needed.

At each courtside you will find a plastic bag containing all necessary equipment for the staring match:
ball, score sheet, pen, whistle and a referee vest.

Usually both teams will have a referee shift after their own match has finished either on the same court or the one right next to it. The match to be refereed can also be from another pool in the same age group.

Mark the result of the match to the score sheet carefully, sign it and return it immediately to the score sheets’ collecting point in the white tent of your game area.

Refereeing is fun, just remember these few basic tips:

  • Keep calm and keep your emotions under control at all times
  • Remember to be even-handed. That’s how you retain your reliability.
  • Be decisive and make your calls quickly without being hasty.
  • Be consistent in your decisions, in other words remember to maintain the same line of refereeing with both teams
  • Whistle as soon as you see an error, then take your time to make the correct hand sign. If you can’t remember the hand sign, you can also state the offense verbally.
  • Make yourself familiar with the Power Cup rules for your own age group. You can find them under Rules.

 Score sheet

With their signature the team captain, as well as the team coach accept the score sheet and the match result. Accepting an incorrect result always causes trouble when calculating the standings and planning the next match schedules for the teams. So remember to ALWAYS check the result and scores before signing the score sheet.

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