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Power Cup is the top event of the volleyball summer. It is the world's largest volleyball tournament for children and adolescents, and it is full of games, joy and solidarity. In 2019 the tournament will take place on 6.-9. June in Rovaniemi.

Power Cup is the annual feat of Finnish work in junior volleyball. The event gathers together young volleyball players, coaches, team managers, club officials and families. In total, the number of participants is close to 10,000 volleyball players; and some 200 clubs join the event. The event gathers children and adolescents of different age groups together. The players are 7-22 years old.

The event is always organized at the first weekend of June after school is out. The duration of Power Cup is 4 days, i.e. from Thursday to Sunday.

Over 30 years of Finnish junior volleyball

Power Cup has a long history. The first tournament was organized in Jyväskylä in 1985, and the first four tournaments were called Yhteispeli (Team work) tournament. Since 1989, the tournament has been called Power Cup. Currently the number of teams has leveled out to 850-900 teams.

There are games in altogether 25 series, based on age, gender and the level of skills. Power Cup follows the All Play ideology, as the unique system of series guarantees that there is the same amount of matches to all teams from Thursday to Sunday, regardless of the standing. Children and adolescents also act as referees in matches of their own age group.

Power Cup in figures

over 7,000 players, 10,000 visitors in total
900 teams, 40 of which are international
The players are 7-22 years old.
25 series
300 outdoor courts
5,200 matches
55,000 warm meals
20-30 accommodating schools
700 volunteers

New experiences

The basic idea of the event is to offer a common meeting point to all clubs and communities practicing junior volleyball. The programme in Power Cup contains much more than just playing volleyball. There is the impressive opening ceremony, the disco with live performances, exhibition matches, the closing ceremony etc. The diverse additional programme and events vary from year to year, with regard to special local characteristics.

One of the big experiences for attendants is the dormitory accommodation at local schools. The school corridors are filled with a happy buzz of conversation, when people from all around Finland are catching up with each other and with the international teams. Dormitory accommodation teaches junior players basics about teamwork and taking other people into consideration.

Showcase of club work

Approximately 200 clubs take part in the event annually. Furthermore, Power Cup is a meeting point for coaches, team managers and other people backing the teams in junior volleyball. The clubs are also encouraged to use the event to recruit and inspire new team managers and coaches. One of the goals of the event is to further support local club activities and to increase their vitality.

The organizing clubs in the tournament locality show their huge strength year by year. Club responsible for Power Cup 2018 in Kuopio, together with the Finnish Volleyball Association, is Puijo Wolley Juniorit ry.

Alternating host towns

The annually changed host town is inevitably another secret of the success of the event. The role of the city and local partners is further emphasized year by year. The organizing town has strong visibility in the advance advertising and in hosting the event, which create significant and widely visible marketing for the locality.

In collaboration with

Main cooperation partners

LähiTapiola Rovaniemi Lapin Kansa Santasport

Other cooperation partners

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