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Power Cup in the social media

Have you noticed that Power Cup is present in numerous social media channels? We use social media e.g. for communications and spreading good feeling and pictures during the tournament. Follow Power Cup on social media and stay in tune with what is going on! The official hashtag of the tournament is #pwrcup, so remember to use hashtags when posting pictures or tweets.


Twitter: @Power_Cup

PowerCup Instagram: power_cup

Power App

The big tournament package in your smart phone now goes with the name Power-Äppi. It shows the time and place of matches, the result service, tips for travelling and plenty more. Tap the services you need the most into your favorites and stay tuned throughout the tournament. You can download the Power App into your smart phone in your application store by the name Power Cup.

Power Info

The Power Information desk is located in the heart of the event. As its name suggests, the desk will help you in:

  • various problem situations
  • the sale of visitor passes
  • special diet wristbands ordered in advance
  • information on the host town

The Power Info is open Wed-Sun at 8.00–18.00. At other times, you can contact the Power Info at 044-518 2840.


Thousands of matches are played in the Power Cup. Remember to check your own match schedule and playing courts in the Match schedule site before your own match. By being in your own playing court on time you enhance the smooth running of the tournament and improve all participants experience of the tournament.

Several court areas

Check your team’s area in the match schedule in order to find the right court on time.

Security, traffic, big crowds

Power Cup is a big event and there will be a high turnout. Remember to have caution in traffic! There are routes for the maintenance vehicles in the area, and walking on them is strictly prohibited.

Non-smoking and intoxicant-free event

Power Cup is a completely non-smoking and intoxicant-free event. If a member of a team violates these rules, the whole team can be expelled from the tournament.


In Power Cup, meals are served next to the tournament area. Many people go to eat there, so there may be queues. Do not worry about standing in queue, as there is enough food for everyone. For further instructions, see the meals section in the tournament guide.

The Power square

You can buy souvenirs and tournament products in the shop on the Power Square. The Power square is full of activities throughout the tournament. Partners of the tournament will display their stands, and there are competitions for the public together with various other activities.

What to bring along

Remember to have clothes that fit the weather and a water bottle when you go to play! Each team should have one person in charge of bringing first-aid supplies to tend minor injuries.

In collaboration with

Main cooperation partners

LähiTapiola Rovaniemi Lapin Kansa Santasport

Other cooperation partners

Saarioinen Pihlajalinna Jaffa Lumilyhtyarpa Unilever Luc Ford Sokos Hotels Kuortane Mikasa ticketmaster WoVo

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