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Power Cup communication channels

Power Cup has a variety of communication channels. Stay up-to-date by following the channels that best suit you.


Content: Big info package for all target groups. Here you can find everything we communicate through different channels.


Content: Important info about how arrangements are proceeding. Transport, competition schedule, diets, accommodation schools, changes etc. Make sure that your email is correct and check your junk mail regularly.


Content: Current info about arrangements and important dates. Also experience and travel info.


Content: Pictures, stories, competitions, fun, experiences and things behind the scene. Most active near and during the event. More about fun than actual competition info. Follow account: power_cup


Content: Videos and fun. Follow account: power_cup

Going on right now

We will collect in this page things that teams should know when they are planning their tournament trip. Things are going on all the time and we will link biggest issues on their own pages.

Tournament schedule

On Thursday games start at 12.00. We are trying to make schedules like that people who come on night train can make it to their games.

On Saturday F-D juniors play from 9.00 to 17.00. A- and N22 juniors play starting at 10.00 and C-B juniors at 12.00. These older juniors play until midnight on Saturda. You can experience this only in Rovaniemi!


Nos-stop buses drive around the tournament area. This transportation is included in the tournament pass. This should ensure that teams can make the schedules to lunch and dinner and back to playing area. Non stop buses drive from Lapin Kansa’s field to Santasport and back.

Teams, who don't have their own bus, can book a special transportation on day of arrival from the railway station to the playing area, and for transport between accommondation schools and playing areas. Those transportations are for extra fee.

Tournament shirts

Tournament shirts are order when registering to Power Cup. The shirt order can be changed until 1.5.2019.

In collaboration with

Main cooperation partners

LähiTapiola Rovaniemi Lapin Kansa Santasport

Other cooperation partners

Saarioinen Pihlajalinna Jaffa Lumilyhtyarpa Unilever Luc Ford Sokos Hotels Kuortane Mikasa ticketmaster WoVo

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