Power Cup 2023 Imatra

The Power Cup is moving from west to east because in 2023 the championship will be played in South Karelia in Imatra. Kauhavan local manager Juha Kärnä handed over the keys to Imatra Power Cup representative Jouko Savolainen.

During the broadcast, Juha Kärnä joked with the phrase «But I dare not give them a knife» because a small scoop-shaped sheath was added to the keys. The scabbard was accompanied by a poem written by Leena Vaisma from Alaharmä, which ended with the words “Working together, we can achieve many activities.

Now in the company of volleyball, may joy be with you”. Savolainen stated that from Kauhava to Imatra, at least a great sense of solidarity will be included. Local Imatra Power Cup manager Jani Valkeapää is already preparing for next year’s competition, as are representatives Jari Vento and Jouko Savolainen, who enjoyed the Kauhava Power Cup to the fullest.

Club delegates are waiting for guardians, participants and their parents to visit the Imatra stand to receive advice from the tournament organizers. «We applied to host the playoffs in February 2020, shortly before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Updated the search in the fall, as the organization of the event was moved forward a year.

The City of Imatra and the Union of South Karelia have been involved in the application process since the beginning. Together we have a strong desire to realize a great event for the people of force»‎. Cooperation is already underway with Joensuu, the organizer of the Power Cup 2024. Furthermore, among youth volleyball participants, the title match is starting to enjoy a significant reputation in Estonia.

Why is Imatra a unique venue for competitions?

The event center can be reached by train, Imatra has 4,000 seats within a radius of 5 km. The Power Cup is a splendid chance to spend more time with friends and households in a summer family setting. At the heart of the event is the Ukonniemi arena next to all the playing fields.

The trump card of Imatra is the reservoir of Saimaa, where all the facilities are in one place within walking distance of each other. The Imatra Spa is also nearby. Therefore, for sure, the program will have a water element, as the organizer hints. Palloveikot in Imatra and Raju in Ruokolahti are two new organizational clubs coming next year.

The goal is to gather at least 700 teams there. Marketing is directed outside of Finland, especially in the Baltic Sea region. This is the easiest way to come to Finland. The strengths of the region are still known as hospitality and abundance. Both clubs have a powerful membership base, thanks to them providing the creators with a great youth aviation event.

Cooperation is already underway with Joensuu, the organizer of the Power Cup 2024. The arrangers of the Imatra meeting welcome all residents of the Power Cup in South Karelia 2023!

Youth volleyball tournament

Annual four-day sporting occasions will exist in new emplacements all over Finland. More than 7500 visitors together with 850 teams conferring to play a part. During the tournament, more than 50,000 games will be performed for participants, while more than 4,000 matches will be played on 300 fields over four days.

Girls and boys of early ages to 22 years participate in their series and all matches are judged by contestants, who are resting. According to many reviews from visitors, the best thing about the Power Cup is a good and respectful atmosphere between all participants.

The Power Cup lasts four days, from Thursday to Sunday. Children and youth of different age groups, whose age is from 7 to 22 years. The sports competition is always held on the first weekend in June after graduation.

Last time, 3839 matches were played on the Power Cup courts for four days. Moreover, after the start of the game, a celebration of the awarding of the winners took place on the power stage.

The top preschool players in Finland

The 2022 Children’s Volleyball Championship was prevailed by boys from the northern region and girls from the south. Organized by PuMa-Volley and Vantaa Ducks were held in Helsinki the rest of the week. The first group was won by Pohjoyen from the boys’ side, having suffered one defeat from Louna.

In the final, Pohjoyen made up for this advantage, where he distinctly beat the power champion Louna 25-15, 25-18. The head coach of the championship team was Jukka Parkkinen, and the captain was Kaapo Vanhatupa. The best of the second team was Louna, who finished fifth. In the bronze medal match, the West beat the East 25-16, and 25-23.

In the women’s multi-stage final, Lunas defeated Ida 25-13, 20-25, 15-13. Anna Kilpinen was the head coach of the championship team, and Anna Johtela was the captain. Pohjoyen took bronze in the girls’ competition, and overwhelmed Lennen, the entire champion corps triumphed in the match, 25-17, 25-23.

The best second team was Lianci, who finished sixth. The leader of Lona’s women’s championship team, Anna Kilpinen, received the National Team Coaches Award for Culture, along with the Finnish Volleyball Developer Award.

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