Men’s national team 2022

Days of men’s races from August 28 to September 16. Officially, CEV member countries are not published, but according to current information, they are Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia with Israel. The group draw will take place in mid-November when the venues for Finland will also be determined.

Schedule of matches for the men’s qualification in the European Championship:

  • 6.8. 18:00 Latvia-Finland (Valmiera);
  • 10.8. 19:00 Finland-Austria (Tampere, Khakametsya ice palace);
  • 14.8. 21:20 Austria-Finland (Ried im Innkreis);
  • 17.8. 18:30 Finland-Latvia (Turku, Kupittaa sports hall).

Also, the final participating countries have not yet reached the final competition, since the decision on the possible closure of Russia and Belarus has not yet been announced. «‎Brothers»‎ took first place in their group in qualifying. In the trials group of the European Championship, they will come face to face in Latvia and Austria.

Together, the volleyball teams will turn the spark into a flame. The flame will grow with the spark and support of every fan. So make sure to reserve your seat and come maintain the national team in the big moments of the 2023 European Championship!

Name DOB Height Club
5 Akseli Lankinen August 31, 1997 (aged 25) 194 «Menin»
21 Fedor Ivanov December 1, 2000 (21) 193 «Savo»
12 Aaro Nikula March 23, 1999 (aged 23) 212 «Benfica»
13 Joonas Yokela December 12, 1998 (23) 202 «Orion»
1 Antti Ronkainen August 11, 1996 (aged 26) 189 «Lausanne»
3 Jiri Hänninen May 12, 1998 (24) 193 «Menin»
10 Luca Marttila June 30, 2003 (age 19) 196 «Hurrikaani»
23 Sakari Makinen January 19, 1995 (27) 189 «Vammala»
Central blockers
2 Miro Leinonen November 29, 2000 (aged 21) 204 «Hurrikaani»
14 Nuutti Niinivaara July 29, 1998 (24) 199 «ETTA»
15 Henrik Porkka January 14, 1998 (aged 24) 202 «Concordia»
17 Severi Savonsalmi August 21, 2000 (aged 22) 208 «Vammala»
8 Voitto Köukkä July 9, 1999 (aged 23) 179 «Akaa»
19 Niklas Breylin September 8, 1999 (aged 23) 178 «Ghent»
Head Coach: Joel Banks


The highest achievement is 4th place at the European Championship. In the ranking of the International Volleyball Federation takes 18th place. Preparation of volleyball strategy until 2025 began with a survey of sports fans.

The organization collected 864 responses. After that, at the beginning of 2022, the volleyball regulation 2025 was completed. In the answers received, faith in the future of sports moreover an extravagant passion play a significant role.

The overall picture shows the direction and the demand to increase the attractiveness of sports. The government has issued five guidelines on the need for change:

  • development of the property of elite sports and coaching;
  • high-quality and modern tools for the success of volleyball clubs;
  • increasing the attractiveness of communications, marketing with products;
  • strengthening the economy in the union and the resources of all sports breeding;
  • description of a clear direction considering all participants in volleyball.

Therefore, a dominant part of the strategy to the progress of volleyball is the recruitment of new coaches involved in education from 2022-2025.

Union members and annual dues

Club members, instructors, furthermore coaches are registered with in 2022-2023. Ensuring growth permits allows an increase in the number of players and teams in volleyball clubs. Additional subsidies being clubs from 2023 on the increase in the number of sportsmen together with teams in the group.

The Federation and its members are committed to the current Finnish and worldwide anti-doping rules, as well as to the International Olympic Committee, including the International Volleyball Federation FIVB, the agreement of the Council of Europe with the provisions of other international spaces that bind Finland.

The Association and its part are recommended by the Finnish Olympic Committees as members. Trade union members oblige their partners, as well as organizations participating in their occurrences, to comply with the aforementioned disciplinary jurisdiction, decisions of the board, and rules.

They are committed to abiding by the Joint Physical Activity Disciplinary Rules for Serious Inappropriate Conduct and Serious Ethical Violations.