FinFanTeam annual meeting September 28, 2022

The annual meeting of FinFanTeam, an organization of Finnish volleyball enthusiasts, will take place on September 28 via remote Teams format at 19.00. Issues to be resolved:

  • opening meeting;
  • assembly officers are elected: chairman, record holder, two-minute inspectors, two tellers;
  • validity and quorum of the meeting confirmed;
  • approval of the work order;
  • definition of volleyball meeting participants;
  • discussions of financial, annual reports, and audit reports;
  • a claim of financial statements and dismissal of the board of directors as members and treasurer;
  • confirmation of the action plan, an estimate of income and expenses, and a decision on the entrance and membership fee;
  • the chairman and members of the board are elected;
  • voting of an inspector and a deputy inspector operation;
  • meeting solution.

Besides, the agenda is attached, too the invitation to the meeting.FinFanTeam manifests itself as an independent association. If you are interested in the activities of the unification or join it, it is affected by dominant personnel.

Update instructions for clubs. Covid-19

According to the current information, in the coming days, new AVI restrictions on volleyball events came into effect in several regions. You can check the latest provisions in your area on the AVI website. Important to consider that different regions have regulations which are not the same.

In the Covid-19 guidelines, the Volleyball Association relies on guidelines developed by the Olympic Committee of volleyball. On December 28, 2021, the State Council approved the provision referred to in Article 58i of the Communicable Diseases Law to temporarily limit the use of the coronavirus passport.

The decree restricts the validity of the pass in exceptional cases so that from 12/30/2021 to 01/20/2022 it cannot be used at public events and customer premises as an alternative to regional limitations.

Coronapass is checking in with each event, which is subjected to restrictions set by AVI, and the organizer performs the check. Due to data protection, it is not possible to maintain a list of Coronapass and it is illegal to collect their information in any database.

Professional sports are excluded from restrictive measures.

According to the interpretation of the Olympic Committee, the distinction between professional sports means in practice the separation of professional sports from elite sports, covering the two highest levels of the national adult league in ball sports, the highest level of the youth national league, the activities of the adult national team and the preparation of athletes in international competitions under the system selection of the national volleyball association.

It also applies to sports based on a Series or Athlete Licensing Agreement with the Olympic Committee, as well as the activities of a national team when carried out without the presence of the public.

Since December 23 Covid certificates from outside the EU are valid as Covid-passports in Finland. The temporary section enshrined in the law is allowing for operators to check non-EU certificates manually without a Covid-certificate reader app. Corona pass is only used as an alternative health safety measure when there are restrictions on the occasion or space in question.

The Korona pass is intended by law in situations when there are restrictions set by the authorities to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Such restrictions can be, for example, restrictions on opening hours or audience numbers. If the facility is completely closed due to a serious corona situation or the event is completely prohibited, the corona pass cannot be used.

A corona pass can be required from 16 years old and older. 16-17-year-olds have the opportunity to take a corona test free of charge in public health care in order to obtain a corona certificate, if the child has not received corona vaccines. At the moment, people 12 years old and older can get the corona vaccine in Finland.

People under the age of 18 can prove their identity when using the corona pass, for example with a Kela card or a reliable proof of age provided by their parents. If an adult himself decides not to take the vaccine and takes the test instead, he must take the corona test at his own expense.